Baobab cookies start selling in Japan.

Baobab cookies are processed by the students from Shimada Gakuen Iizuka high school. The cookies start selling at Antenna shop named Petit four in Iizuka Fukuoka Japan. 

Baobab powder produced by Maluso cooperative Union was value added to Baobab cookies by the students of Cooking course in Iizuka high school, and the people in Iizuka are enjoying the taste of Baobab cookies. The shop start selling Baobab cookies from mid December 2019. 



Can you see Malawi flag written by the students? What a great thing. Happy people are increasing through Baobab products!!! Come and visit Iizuka Antenna shop and enjoy the taste of Baobab cookies.

Zikomo Kwambili, Thank you very much! ありがとうございます。